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How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test

A drug test can be a roadblock that prevents healthy and sane people from succeeding in life. For instance, it can disqualify you from getting a certain job or even complicate the existing legal issues you have. If you are undergoing a follicle hair test, you do not have to panic. With this information, you have an opportunity to dodge the test.

Determining Your Odds

hair follicle drug testAs you know, drug testing laws vary from one place to another. Usually, job applicants are tested as part of the recruitment process, particularly entry-level jobs. Also, federal agencies need to carry drug testing to adhere to the available testing procedures as required by the law. However, private employers have more freedom when it comes to drug testing. For instance, companies hiring commercial drivers must have a drug testing system. Some companies might test you even after being hired. In fact, random drug testing is now common.

Know Drugs Being Tested

Usually, employers will test for five classes of drugs. These include amphetamines, cocaine, THC, opiates, alcohol, and Phencyclidine. However, private employers are likely to test for additional drugs such as nicotine, methadone, and valium. You should note that there are other drugs the employer may be at liberty to test.

Understand How the Test Works

After taking any drug, its active chemicals flow through the bloodstream. When the body processes the drug, it produces chemicals known as metabolites that can accumulate in the hair follicles. As the hair grows, the follicle deposits the chemicals in it. On this guide you can learn how to pass a hair follicle drug test, you should first know what chemicals these hair drug tests look for.

hair follicle drug testingYou will be required to submit a sample of your hair. Usually, the hair is taken from the back of your head to avoid ruining your haircut. The standard hair drug test can detect drug usage of up to 90 days. Since hair is estimated to grow at 1.5 inches per month, your hair will be about 1.5 inches. Longer hairs will give an extended window of detection. The problem with the hair drug test is that it cannot detect whether you have discontinued using drugs or not. For instance, opiates bind to the hair shaft, and cocaine migrates along your hair shaft.

If you have shaved your head, that does not mean you will evade the drug test. However with the use of one of the best hair follicle detox shampoos, you can get away with it.